John Deere Operations Center

The Operations Center on is a centralized ag data solution that helps to collect machine, logistic, and agronomic data in a single location. One professional system tailored for contractors, farm managers and equipment operators.

  • Agronomic Data
  • Yield Percentage and Timeline
  • Segment fields by crop variety
  • 60-day equipment location history

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Monitor what's happening in your operation right now, track equipment and crops to learn from your performance over time.



Collaborate with the right people and tools to make decisions that save time, optimize yield, and maximize profits.



Direct your operations by turning your plans into action, and adjusting as conditions change to maximize efficiency.

MyJohnDeere Operations Center Mobile Solutions

The mobile solutions for the John Deere Operations Center enables access for producers and their supporting partners to see machine and agronomic data in the field and on the go to direct their operations, regardless of where they are located.

Set up a MyJohnDeere account to collect agronomic and machine data, find and order parts, streamline your application access.

Data Management and Support Agreement

AKRS Equipment is committed to providing our customers with the service and support needed to maximize the use of their Precision Ag equipment and keeping our customers on the leading edge of John Deere’s Precision Ag Technology.

To do so, AKRS Equipment is offering a Data Management Service Agreement. This is designed to assist our Precision Ag customers in maintaining and receiving the extra value out of their Precision Ag products by maintaining MyJohnDeere Operations Center through setup, managing data, data analysis services and customer support.

AKRS Support Hotline: 402-347-AKRS