Precision Ag

Precision Ag

AKRS Equipment offers only the best in Precision Ag to it's customers. John Deere Precision Ag is by far the most advanced system in the industry when it comes to the future of farming. The links below will tell you all about AKRS Equipment Precision Ag system and each of the components that it offers. We offer a subscription program called Encompass. This program keeps your farming system up to date and working smoothly from season to season and is worth your time to check in to. Other links include: AKRS Equipment Operations Center Guide, John Deere Operations Center, View All Precision Ag, Ag Management Solutions, RTK, Data Management & Privacy Policy, Tech Support Center, and Data Services. If you run into a situation where you need more info, please feel free to reach out to us. We'll get you the answers you need.

Our Precision Ag Team can help you unlock a wealth of crop data with the use of precision agriculture products. Once you have the technology products in place, choose the level of technology services to meet the goals of your operation.

We've helped farmers tap into their data, analyze it, and arrive at recommendations to maximize yield and decrease input expenses.

AKRS Precision Ag advances farming operations



Achieve higher profitability through production system efficiencies and increased machine utilization.

Deploy Farm 

Resources Efficiently

Maximize your ROI by managing equipment, farmland, water, fertilizer, and labor with ease.

Optimize In-Field


AKRS leverages John Deere’s onboard applications in the field to deliver precise equipment performance.

Grow Smarter

 With Actionable Insights

AKRS analyzes tillage, seeding, application and harvest data so you can implement informed tactics to maximize your farm’s output.

Determine Intra-Field


Analyze historic data to identify seasonal variability from drought, hail, soil, fertilizer, crop and yield mapping.