AKRS Precision Ag Advances Your Farming Operation

Boost Efficiency

Achieve higher profitability through production system efficiencies and increased machine utilization.

Maximize ROI

Maximize your ROI by managing equipment, farmland, water, fertilizer, and labor with ease.

Optimize Performance

Leverage John Deere's onboard applications in the field to deliver precise equipment performance.

Grow Smarter

Elevate tillage, seeding, application, and harvest data so you can implement informed tactics to maximize your farm's output.

Intra-Field Analytics

Analyze historic data to identify seasonal variability from drought, hail, soil, fertilizer, crop, and yield mapping.

Stay Connected, Anywhere

Rest assured the knowledgeable AKRS team of precision product specialists is ready to help whenever needed, wherever you might be.

Why AKRS Excels At Precision Ag

AKRS Excels at Precision Ag

Our knowledgeable precision ag specialists are proud to provide our customers with exceptional service. As the leading precision ag provider in the Midwest, we deliver on providing documented operational efficiencies and added support.

✓ Team of over 20 precision product specialists

✓ Dedicated data analyst

✓ Connected technology administrator

Farmers Trust AKRS Precision Ag Services

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180 Years

Over 180 Years of combined precision ag experience helping farms grow smarter.

2,000 Farms

Over 2,000 supported organizations

1 Million

Over 1 million farming acres are supported by the AKRS Precision Ag Team

Precision Ag Simplified

The pressure to keep costs in check while maximizing crop yield has never been higher. That’s why at AKRS, we’re proud to be the leading John Deere retailer and trusted provider of precision ag services for farms in the Midwest.

From set up to in-season support and maintenance, our team of precision product specialists, dedicated data analysts, and IT administrators are here to help you streamline your operation. From tillage to seeding, to application, to harvest our staff helps with all your John Deere precision ag equipment and technology, including the John Deere Operations Center, John Deere guidance systems, and advanced software applications. With our Precision Ag Support Plans you get the year-round support you need at one flat-rate to keep your operation running smoothly.  

Talk to sales today and see how we can advance your operation with our precision ag services.

“My operation relies on John Deere and AKRS to provide the most innovative technology to help me reach my yield goals. These technologies enhance my equipment, and it’s critical for John Deere and AKRS to keep these machines performing when I need them most."

–Tyler Roberts, Columbus, NE