AKRS Reacts
AKRS Reacts to John Deere’s

Harvest Technology Announcement

Nick Jacobsen, AKRS Innovative Technology Product Manager, shares insights on John Deere’s latest harvest innovations scheduled for release in 2025 as stated at 2024 Commodity Classic.

Today, in Houston, TX, John Deere unveiled a suite of groundbreaking technology innovations set to revolutionize the landscape of modern harvest practices for Model Year 2025 combines. New Harvest Settings Automation and Ground Speed Automation will bring efficiency and productivity to combines of all class sizes, helping growers improve their bottom line.  

Automation has long been a fixture in the combine market, but existing systems often demand significant operator input, from mode selection to constant vigilance over changing field conditions. John Deere's latest leap forward addresses these challenges head-on. With Harvest Settings Automation, operators can now focus on outcomes rather than inputs, as the combine maximizes productivity while maintaining optimal grain sample quality and minimizing losses.

Among the standout features is Predictive Ground Speed Automation, a game-changer in productivity enhancement. By leveraging real-time data from onboard cameras and the John Deere Operation Center, including biomass, terrain elevation, and other critical metrics, this predictive technology dynamically adjusts combine settings and speed to match field conditions and anticipated yields.

Setup is a breeze, requiring just a Work Plan from the John Deere Operation Center, which delivers field-specific data directly to the combine. Moreover, starting settings for each crop are now regionally optimized, ensuring tailored performance based on local conditions and historical data.

Once engaged, automation takes the reins, with the combine optimizing performance through predictive yield mapping and real-time adjustments facilitated by forward-facing cameras. As the machine learns and adapts, productivity and efficiency soar, enabling growers to cover more acres and maximize their daily yield output—regardless of combine class.

With all this intelligence processed, the new John Deere combines are going to be the most productive and efficient combines John Deere has ever produced. Utilizing Harvest Settings Automation and Predictive Ground Speed the combine can cover more acres, more efficiently. This maximizes the bushels per day each grower can get out of the field. This provides incredible value whether you're a class 6 owner or class 10 and beyond.

As AKRS eagerly awaits the availability of this new Harvest Settings Automation and Predictive Ground Speed, stay tuned for upcoming field demonstrations in your area, showcasing firsthand the potential of John Deere's latest harvest innovations.