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Tech Tips

Find seasonal Tech Tips from our Service Team here. If you need additional assistance, please contact our Service Manager at your nearest location.

mowerblade tip

Proper Mower Blade Sharpening

Many people think a blade should be razor sharp; however a sharp edge will roll over and dull quickly. Proper blade sharpening actually maintains the original bevel edge. Remove an equal amount of material from each end of blade to maintain proper balance. Replace blade if it is damaged or out of balance.

MowerSymptoms tip

Common Mower Symptoms/Complaints

Are you experiencing these common mower complaints?

  • Mower has poor cut quality
  • Mower leaves a trail of uncut grass (striping)
  • Mower leaves a trail of cut grass (windrows)
  • Mower has an uneven cut, step-cuts
  • Scalping the lawn
  • Grass blows out from under the deck
  • Grass clumps and is not evenly distributed
  • Mower has poor bagging performance

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