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Fuel Solutions

  • JD FS FuelProtect

    Fuel-Protect Diesel Fuel Conditioner

    Uphold diesel fuel performance and maintain peak engine efficiency year-round.

    • Boosts fuel’s cetane number for faster, smoother and more fuel-efficient starting
    • Detergents clean the fuels system and injectors work to prevent performance-robbing erosion
    • Lubricants protect and reduce injector and pump wear
    • Maintains fuel pump warranty
    • Minimizes smoking
    • Compatible with all diesel fuels, including biodiesel up to B20 blends
    • Available in Summer and Winter formulas
    • Recommended for use with low-sulfur diesel (LSD) and up to 20-percent (B20) biodiesel
  • FUELSAVER Antimicrobial Agent

    Combat performance-robbing bacteria and fungus that may invade your fuel tank.

    • 100 percent fuel soluble so the active ingredients kill microbes throughout all components of your fuel system
    • Maintains fuel economy and decreases fleet operation costs
    • Should be added to new fuel tanks to prevent contamination
    • Should be added to contaminated fuel tanks as a shock dose
    • Recommended for use with each tank fill for ongoing maintenance
    • Works well with Fuel-Protect Diesel Conditioner and Fuel-Protect Keep Clean
  • JD FS FuelProtectKeep

    Fuel-Protect Keep Clean Solution

    Formulated to restore and maintain performance in engines with modern high-pressure diesel fuel systems.

    • Works to prevent deposits from forming in injectors
    • Can be used to recover injector performance and prevent problems like injector sticking, misfiring, rough idling, excessive exhaust smoking, power loss or hard starting
    • Use in new diesel engines to engines that have been cleaned by a certified technician with John Deere Clean-up and a flush tool
    • Use in bulk fuel tanks for easy distribution across entire fleet
    • Compatible with all makes of diesel equipment
    • Works well with Fuel-Protect Diesel Conditioner and FUELSAVER
  • JD FS FuelProtectGasoline

    Fuel-Protect Gasoline Stabilizer

    Prevent corrosion, gum and varnish from clogging the fuel system in your gas-powered equipment.

    • Protect fresh gasoline in your stored vehicles for up to 12 months
    • Keep fuel from breaking down into gum and varnish
    • Protect both two- and four-cycle gasoline engines
    • Ensure quick and easy starts
    • Eliminate the need to drain and dispose of gasoline
    • Protect fuel systems of stored equipment all year long

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