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Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Supporting Equipment

  • JD Diesel exhaustfluid

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid

    • Compatible with all engines using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment technology
    • Nontoxic, nonhazardous, nonflammable
    • Corrosive properties similar to salt water with a slight ammonia smell
    • ISO 22241 compliant for DEF handling procedures
    • American Petroleum Institute (API) certified
    • Freezes at 12°F (-11°C)
    • Translucent containers to monitor fluid levels
    • Dispense nozzle included with 2.5-gallon jug
    • Drums outfitted with 2” opening for direct pump or closed-system dispensing valve and drop tube installation
    • Totes include integrated closed-system dispensing valve and drop tube
    • Fork-lift tubes beneath tote cage for ease in handling
    • Convenient container sizes


    Also available in bulk quantities:

    • Lowest price/gal
    • 600 gal (2,268L) minimum (US)
    • 2,500 gal (9,450L) minimum (CA)


    Part Number:SWDEF025 (2.5 gal [9.46 L])

    Part Number:SWDEF055 (55 gal [208 L])

    Part Number:SWDEF275 (275 gal [1041 L])

    Part Number:SWDEF330 (330 gal [1249 L])

  • JD Diesel PortableDispensingUnit

    Portable Dispensing Unit

    • 12V self-priming transfer pump with a 20-ft. hose capable of delivering 7-10 GPM (26-37 LPM)
    • Stainless steel auto shutoff nozzle
    • Integrated forklift pockets to be used with full tank & handles for lifting or carrying an empty tank
    • All wetted parts are compatible with DEF and will not rust


    Part Number: SWDEFPDU58P (58 gal [220 L] tank)

  • JD Diesel DispensingPackage

    Dispensing Package

    • DEF pump with 20’ (6.1 m) hose
    • Auto shutoff stainless steel nozzle
    • Closed System Dispense Coupler
    • Drum valve and tube
    • Hook up ready


    Part Number: SWDEF110VKIT (110V pump kit)

    Part Number: SWDEF12VKIT (12V pump kit)

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