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Valley Irrigation VRI-iS: Variable Rate Irrigation Individual Sprinkler

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VRI-iS Features

  • Increase yields by precisely applying water where it's needed.
  • Reduce over-watering, under-watering and runoff.
  • Increase precision of water and chemical applications through the pivot.
  • Generate or edit prescriptions quickly and easily using cutting-edge prescription software.
  • Import shape files and sprinkler package data to create prescriptions.
  • Access the web-based program by license through AgSense®.
  • Load prescriptions to ICON or Pro2 smart control panels using ICON Link, BaseStation3™ or AgSense, smart irrigation solutions from Valley.
  • Automatically assign IDs to all sprinkler valve locations via the control panel
  • Accurately control water application depth changes using GPS position
  • Access diagnostics and troubleshooting features in the control panel to verify the hardware is performing correctly 

How VRI-iS Works


Sorry, currently there are no specs but check back with us later.

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