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Valley Irrigation CommanderVP®

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Comprehensive Reports

  • Water volume applied by field or angle
  • Acres/inches applied by field or angle
  • Pump and auxiliary output run times by field or angle

Field-Changeable Cell Modem

  • Replaceable daughter cards are compatible with virtually all cellular systems around the globe 
  • Allows change of cell carrier if module is moved to a different field not served by current carrier
  • Prevents changes in cell technology, service territories or phone company mergers from making module obsolete 

Email & Text Alerts

Broad range of user-selectable text message and email alerts, including:
Start, Stop, Direction Change, Stuck, Safety, Pressure, Power On/Off, Water On/Off, Auxiliary On/Off, Low/Bad Battery and Cable Theft 

Third-Party API Links

Current API monitoring links to multiple ag software partners, including:
Ag Connections, CropMetrics, DN2K, iCropTrak, MapShots, Servi-Tech, HydroBioARS, AgriTrend, Granular Ag and Irrinet 

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Capability

  • Increase the efficiency of your water and chemical application
  • Optimize your yields
  • Upload VRI prescriptions remotely

Cable Theft Detection & Optional Pump Control2

  • Cable theft kit for year-round monitoring and alerts of cable theft in progress
  • Auxiliary modules to fully automate control of remotely located pumps and chemigation


1. Firmware upgrade or Valley parts kit may be necessary; Select Panel – Monitors but cannot change end guns remotely. Requires v1.9 or higher firmware and serial port; Select2 Panel – Compatible with all firmware versions; Pro Panel – v6 or higher firmware required; Pro2 Panel – v8.02 or higher firmware required; AutoPilot – v1.11 or higher firmware required; Touch Pro – Valley “Y” serial adapter or a parts kit required if GPS equipped.

2. Additional hardware or subscription required.


Sorry, currently there are no specs but check back with us later.

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