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Valley Irrigation Aqua Trac

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Better Information Leads to Better Results

  • Easily implement irrigation decisions based on soil moisture profile with the click of a button.
    Read nearly any major soil moisture probe brand, including AquaCheck, Sentek, Decagon and Watermark.
  • Data is pushed directly to easy-to-read graphs on the Valley 365 dashboard.
    View moisture conditions within Valley Scheduling, on Valley 365.com or with the Valley 365 app on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Take the guesswork out of subsurface soil moisture content to prevent irrigation mistakes, saving time, water and money.
  • Keep fertilizer and crop protection chemicals in the desired root zone to prevent ground water contamination.
  • Automatically share results with your agronomy partners in simple electronic graphs and charts.
    Monitor root zone activity, and use irrigation rate and timing to optimize root development.
  • Enhance irrigation scheduling efforts with ground-truth soil capacity data.
  • Available through multiple agronomic partners as part of their irrigation management program.
  • Aqua Trac Pro reads a digital capacitance probe and/or Watermark sensors, drip pressure transducer, flow, temperature, rainfall and tank/pond levels.
  • Aqua Trac Lite reads a digital capacitance probe, flow, temperature and rainfall.

Aqua Trac Features

  • Soil Moisture Percentage
  • Soil Temperature
  • Flowmeters
  • Water Pressure
  • Tank Levels
  • Battery Voltage
  • Last Reading
  • Volumetric Water Content of the Soil
  • Historical Reports
  • Rainfall
  • External Pressure
  • ET Gauge
  • GPS Location
  • Cell Signal


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