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Valley Irrigation Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

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VFD Benefits

  • Constant pressure results in cost savings.
  • Multiple pivots can be supplied by a single pump.
  • Handles changes in field elevation.
  • Adjust pressure in case of end gun shutoff or flow variations (VRI).
  • Pumps only what the well can manage.
  • Reduces operation and maintenance costs.
  • Uses only the horsepower needed.
  • Controls multiple pumps without needing additional PLCs.

VFD Features

  • Easy conversion: Convert single-phase input power to three-phase output power to run your pump
  • Easy set up: Templates are available for easily setting faults and protections
  • Custom software: Yaskawa-designed software for ag irrigation and water pumping makes operation easier
  • Streamlined operation: Features application-specific programs (for turbine, submersible, centrifugal, etc.)
  • Automatic restart: Load management automatic system restart
  • Time-saving: Features pipe fill mode
  • Even pressure: Constant pressure control with well draw down control
  • Reliable: Impeller anti-jam automatic control
  • Built to last: Submersible motor thrust bearing control
  • Less downtime: Loss of prime and dead head monitoring
  • Backup: Secondary transducer backup
  • Prevents damage: Back Spin Timer helps avoid damage if pump is turned off and on
  • Affordable: One VFD can control up to five lag pumps without additional PLCs or HMIs
  • Scalable: Multiple VFDs (up to eight) can be controlled in a multiplex application without additional hardware or programming
  • Cost-savings: Design flexibility to configure cost-effective packages
  • Weather-proof: Outdoor-rated NEMA 3R enclosures to protect your drives even in harsh conditions
  • Options: Enclosure available with many options, including harmonic filters and side mount handle for ease of access


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