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Valley Irrigation PolySpan® Irrigation Pipeline

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PolySpan Benefits

  • PolySpan is made from an inert material, making it ideal for chemigation, fertigation and resisting corrosive water
  • No leaking – wide-gasket, self-locking couplers ensure a water-tight seal
  • Long lasting – the first machine with PolySpan, installed in Utah in 1992, is still operating
  • All structural components – from pivot pipe to last pipe – are lined and poly protected
  • Not affected by abrasion from sand or sediment in irrigation water
  • Highly resistant to sunlight and humidity
  • Same weight as a galvanized span when filled with water

PolySpan Features

  • Warranty: 20/10 pipeline corrosion warranty includes unconditional replacement due to corrosion for the first 10 years or 30,000 hours, plus an additional 10-year, pro-rated warranty.
  • Robust design: Designed for agricultural, industrial and municipal water applications.
  • Greater profit and productivity: Allows you to take advantage of corrosive water, and allows chemigation and fertigation with aggressive chemicals.
  • Minimizes pressure loss: Sprinkler outlets: Full size ¾” dual-gasket, self-locking couplings for minimal pressure loss and no leaks.
  • Versatility: Available for: Valley center pivots, Valley linears, Valley Precision Corner®, Valley VFlex™ Corner, Bender30™.


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