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Valley Irrigation Oil Hydraulic Conversion

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Oil Hydraulic Conversion Benefits

  • Electric drive center pivots use up to 75% less energy (depending on speed) than hydraulic drive pivots.
  • The oil hydraulic pumping unit must provide a constant 1,750-1,800 PSI operating pressure, no matter the speed.
  • Electric drive center pivots provide power to the machine only when needed, reducing your overall energy costs.

Oil Hydraulic Conversion Cost Savings

  • When you switch to electric from hydraulic drive center pivots, you could save from $6,000-$25,000.*
  • Savings from lowering your sprinkler operating pressure by 20-40 PSI can range from $600 - $3,500** per year.


When compounded at 6% over 15 years. Depending on speed, length, hours, and other operating conditions.
** Depending on energy type and cost, water flow rate, and other operating conditions.
All dollar amounts are in $USD and based on North American energy costs.


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