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Valley Irrigation Universal Linear

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Universal Linear Benefits

  • Maximize irrigated areas: A linear typically irrigates 92-98% of a square or rectangular field.
  • Increase profitability: A linear can help reduce labor costs up to 50% compared to surface, side roll or hand-move irrigation.
  • Water conservation: Linears conserve water by applying the right amount of water when and where it's needed.
  • Various applications: Linear irrigation does more than just irrigate. It can also be used for chemigation, fertigation, germination and leaching.
  • Valley quality: Each Valley linear comes standard with made-in-the-USA Valley gearboxes, providing you with the reliability, durability and quality you expect from the industry leader.


Universal Linear Hose Feed

  • Easy swing-around capabilities
  • 8-span maximum
  • Furrow or below-ground guidance


Universal Linear Ditch Feed

  • Side ditch option
  • Above-ground or below-ground guidance
  • No priming required


Maximum machine length 1,300'
Span length options All available
Pipe diameter options 6 5/8"
Pipeline choices Galvanized, PolySpan®
Hose option Yes
Ditch/canal option Yes
End feed option Yes
Center feed option No
Swing-around option Yes
Towable option Yes
GPS guidance No
Below-ground cable guidance Yes
Furrow guidance Yes
Above-ground cable guidance Yes
Modified alignment option Yes
Full floating alignment option Yes
Hose connections (I.D.) 4" & 6" (single)
Auto-reverse on the hose Optional
Hose - HDPE Yes
Power supply Cord drag, genset
Cart-mounted pump Yes
Pump options Cornell®
Chemigation platform Yes
Water inlet Floating
Control panel options AutoPilot Linear, ClassicPlus

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