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Valley Irrigation Flex™ Corner

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VFlex Corner Benefits

  • Valley Corner DualDrive™: delivers excellent traction and increased flotation in difficult field conditions.
  • Single-frequency RTK GPS Guidance.
  • High-profile crop clearance.
  • More features and options than any other corner on the marketplace today.
  • Can be customized to meet the requirements of your field, your operation, and your method of farming.

VFlex Corner Features

  • Options: Two precision guidance options including Valley GPS Guidance or Below-Ground Guidance
  • Dependable: 6-5/8” Model 8120 means durable structure with less weight on the drive unit for reduced steering loads.
  • Proven design: Track-and-roller joint with larger rollers and new wear plates for extreme durability.
  • Withstands the elements: Wide “T-Bar” mounted cradle for stability in high winds.
  • Added strength: Steerable drive unit design with dual tower supports for industry-leading strength and durability.
  • Available on Model 8120 center pivot and other brand machines.
  • Available with single- or dual-steering gearboxes.


Corner length options 66 meter span with 25 meter overhang
Span Connection Track-and-Roller joint
Sequencing options Electronic
Guidance options Below-ground cable, GPS Guidance
Crop clearance profile options Standard and High
Tire size options 11-22.5 Recap, 11.2-24, 11.2-38, 14.9-24, 16.9-24, 18.4-26, 18.4R26
Corner Steering Gearbox Single standard, Single heavy-duty, Dual standard, Dual heavy-duty

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