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Valley Irrigation Sugarcane Irrigation

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Why Choose Valley

  • Reliability: We offer a network of dealers worldwide with a reputation built on rugged, durable equipment. 
  • Labor savings: We make water management easy! One technician can operate and manage 15-25 Valley center pivots. 
  • Cost effectiveness: Center pivots and linears offer a lower installed equipment cost per acre compared to other forms of irrigation. Once installed, Valley center pivots and linears have a low operating cost. 
  • Dependability: Center pivots and linears do the work when you need it done. Any time, day or night. Valley equipment handles all terrain, from heavy clay to light, sandy soil. 
  • Crop clearance: Center pivots and linears are designed with two high-profile clearance options: 12.3 feet or 15 feet. These options allow you to obtain adequate clearance for growing a profitable sugarcane crop. 
  • Heavy-duty construction: Center pivots and linears are designed and engineered to handle the dense, wet growth of sugarcane fields. 
  • Adaptability: Center pivots and linears can be designed to operate efficiently on fields of varying sizes and terrain. 
  • Precision application: Center pivots and linears apply the precise amount of water when and where it is needed.

Center Pivot and Linear Advantages

  • Efficient water usage: Center pivots and linears minimize waste and evaporation through timely and precise irrigation applications. 
  • Uniform application: Center pivots and linears irrigate uniformly throughout the entire field.
  • Low-pressure density: Center pivots and linears save on the cost of energy and enhance your profitability. Center pivot and linear equipment require water pressure similar to that of drip irrigation.
  • Chemigation option: Center pivots and linears protect both natural resources and your crop. They apply chemicals and fertilizers inexpensively, accurately and at any stage of the crop growth


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