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Valley Irrigation Rice Irrigation Options

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Benefits to the Traditional Grower

  • No need for precision leveling or contour levees
  • Water usage reduced by only applying water when needed
  • Dry fields lead to easy and clean harvest
  • Ability to precisely apply chemicals and fertilizers through the center pivot or linear
  • Increased profit potential versus flooded rice

Benefits to the Non-Traditional Grower

  • Minimal field preparation
  • No need for expensive aerial applications of fertilizers or chemicals
  • Ability to grow rice on land not suitable for traditional flood irrigation
  • Rice can be added to the crop rotation
  • More profit potential than other crops

Benefits to Society

  • Center pivot and linear irrigation allow for minimum tillage, which benefits the soil
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water conservation
  • Reduced leaching of fertilizers and chemicals
  • More food produced using fewer resources
  • Greatly reduced arsenic content, compared to flooded rice


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