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John Deere X350 Tractor with 42-in Deck

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  • Powered by 18.5 hp (13.8 kW)* iTorque™ Power System
  • 42-in. Accel Deep™ Deck
  • Upgraded instrument panel
  • Best-in-class 4 year/300 hour limited warranty


Manufacturer John Deere
Model X350 Lawn Tractor with 42-inch Deck
Power  18.5 hp  (13.8 kW)
Displacement 36.8 cu in. (603 cc)
Manufacturer/model  FS600V  
Type  Overhead valve, full-pressure lube, oil filter  
Cylinders  V-twin, cast-iron liners  
Governor  Mechanical  
Choke/speed control  Separate levers, automatic choke return  
Cooling method  Air  
Air cleaner  Dry, replaceable with foam pre-cleaner  
Oil drain  No tools  
Fuel system 
Type  Gasoline  
Fuel delivery  Pulse pump, carburetor  
Fuel gauge  Gauge on dash  
Fuel tank location  Rear  
Fuel fill opening  On left fender, 3 in. (7.6 cm)
Fuel tank capacity 3.3 U.S. gal. (12.5 L)
Electrical system 
Battery  12 V (340 CCA)
Charging system  Flywheel alternator, regulated, 15 amp 
Engine starter  Bendix  
Hourmeter  Yes  
Headlights  Two standard, incandescent, 27 W 
Taillights or reflector  No  
Backup lights  No  
Rear work lights  No  
12-V outlet  Optional  
Type  K46 hydrostatic integrated with transaxle  
Control  Twin Touch™ pedals  
Cruise control  Yes, button on dash  
Oil cooler  Fins and fan on transaxle  
Oil filter  Internal, not replaceable  
Differential lock  No  
Forward speed  0-5.5 mph (0-8.9 km/h)
Reverse speed 0-4 mph (0-6.4 km/h)
Brakes Internal wet disc  
Frame Welded heavy-duty  
Primer/paint E-coat/powder  
Weight bracket Standard rear, optional front  
Receiver hitch No  
Front axle Cast iron front axle, front wheel ball bearings  
Spindle bushings No  
Front tires 15 x 6-6  
Rear tires 20 x 10-8  
Hood material Molded-in color hood material reduces sound, will not rust or dent  
Fender deck material Stamped steel  
Floor mats Sure-grip rubber  
Storage On fender and under seat  
Service interval decal Yes  
Fender handles/grips No  
Cup holder Yes  
Equipment mounting Yes, heavy duty  
Type  Manual, sector and pinion  
All-wheel steer  Not available on this model  
Steering wheel  Large, 14 in. (35.6 cm)
Tilt steering wheel  No  
Turning radius 16 in. (40.6 cm)
Uncut circle radius 26 in. (66 cm)
Type  Open-back design with grasp  
Seat back height  15 in. (38.1 cm)
Armrests  No  
Fore-aft adjustment  While seated, slide rail, 14-position, 7 in. (17.8 cm)
Seat suspension  Tilt, two coil springs, three-position no-tools adjustment for operator weight  
Lift system 
Type  Foot pedal with optional adjustable spring assist kit  
Hydraulic outlets  No  
Mower cut height  13 positions, 1-4 in. (2.5-10.2 cm)
Cut height increments  0.25 in.  (0.64 cm)
Preset cut height  Yes  
Mower deck 
Type  Side discharge  
Cutting width  42 in. (107 cm)
Construction  Stamped steel deck shell  
Mower deck material 12 gauge 0.105 in. (2.7 mm)
Mower wash port  Yes  
Mower drive system  Electric power take-off (PTO) clutch, in-line belt  
Mower wheels  Two  
Mower wheel adjustment  Four-position, tool required  
Mower level adjustment  Exact Adjust ports and on-board deck-leveling gauge  
Mower attachability 
Type  Slide under tractor  
Front draft arms  Attached with spring pins at two points  
Rear draft arms  Two pins and spring clips  
Mower wheels rotate  ---  
Drive system  ---  
Meets ANSI standard  Yes  
Meets OPEI standard  Yes  
Backup protection  Reverse Implement Option (RIO)  
Safety video  Yes  
Buyer's notes 
Notes  One-piece hood for easy service access, molded-in color hood material reduces sound and will not rust or dent  
 Durable E-coat primer and powder-paint finish  
Warranty  4 year/300 hour bumper-to-bumper* (*Term limited to years or hours used, whichever comes first, and varies by model. See the LIMITED WARRANTY FOR NEW JOHN DEERE TURF AND UTILITY EQUIPMENT at JohnDeere.com or JohnDeere.ca/TU Warranty for details.)  
Optional equipment 
Mowers  42A (standard)  
Rear bagger  2-bag, 7 bu (247 L)
Powered material collection  ---  
Mulching system  Yes, MulchControl™  
Front thatcher  38, 46, 54 in.  (96.5, 116.8, 137.2 cm)
Front blade  44 in. (111.8 cm)
Snow blower  Two-stage, 44 in. (111.8 cm)
Sprayer  Tow-behind, 15 U.S. gal. ( 56.8 L)
 Tow-behind, 25 U.S. gal. ( 94.6  )
 Mounted, 25 U.S. gal.  (56.8 L)
Spreader  Tow-behind, 125 lb ( 57.7 kg)
 Tow-behind, 175 lb (79.4 kg)
 Mounted, 125 lb  (57.7 kg)
Front bumper  Styled bumper option  
Brush guard  Yes  
Weather protection  Weather enclosure  
Sun canopy  Yes  
Bucket holder  Yes, double bucket  
Grass striping  Lawn striping kit  
Tractor shovel 40 in. (101.6 cm)
Tow-behind tools 16  
Height 47 in. (120 cm)
Overall length 72 in. (182.9 cm)
Wheelbase 49.4 in. (125.5 cm)
Width with mower 50.5 in. (128 cm)
Width with mower (deflector raised for storage) 50.5 in. (128 cm)
Width without mower 38 in. (96.5 cm)
Weight  Mower, no fuel, 543 lb  (246 kg)

Accessories and Attachments


+ Utility Cart, 7P Poly - LP21935

+ Utility Cart, 8Y Convertible Poly - LP22755

+ Utility Cart, 10P Poly - LPPCT10JD

+ Utility Cart, 13 Steel - LPHDC13JD

+ Utility Cart, 16YS Swivel Poly - LP68186

+ Utility Cart, 17P Poly - LPPCT17JD

+ Utility Cart, 18 Steel - LPHDC18JD


+ 48mm (1 7/8-in.) hitch ball for ball-type hitch. Ball Mount sold separately. - PM05101

+ Magnetic hitch pin - LP63768

Home Maintenance Kits

+ Home maintenance kit - LG265

Mcs Chutes

+ Rear bagger chute for 42A Mower - BG20754

Mcs Hoppers

+ 7-bu (247-L) 2-Bag Hopper Assembly (X300/X500 M-T) - BM21679

+ Loose knit bag (1) for 7-bu Hopper - AM135486

+ MCS 7 Dump-from-Seat Hopper, X300 with 7-bu (247-L) Hopper - LP47168


+ 12-V outlet kit (X300) - BM24915

+ 40-in. (102-cm) Tractor Shovel - LP63767

+ Battery charger and maintainer - TY25866

+ Bucket holder (double) - LPJD301

+ Bucket holder (double) with buckets - LPJD301W

+ Bucket, 5 gal. (19 L) - LPJD400

+ Fuel-Protect for gasoline engines, 8 oz (237 mL) - TY27534

+ Lift-assist spring kit (X330, X350, X354) - BM25887

+ MowerPlus Smart Connector - BUC10537

+ Seat net kit - AM136046

+ Snow blower and front blade compatibility kit - BM26155

Mower Blades

+ Blade (42A bagging) - GX25668

+ Blade (42A mulching) - M170642

+ Blade (42A side discharge) - M170639

Mower Decks

+ Grass Groomer (42A) - LP63762

+ Mower deck leveling gauge - AM130907

Mulch Kits

+ 42A MulchControl attachment - BM24794

+ 42A electric one-touch MulchControl attachment - BUC10164


+ Brush guard (X300/X500 M-T) - BM23057

+ Bumper (X300s, X500, X530, X534, X570) - BM23056

+ Riding mower cover, large deluxe - LP93647

+ Riding mower cover, standard - LP93917

+ Seat cover, medium deluxe yellow - LP92624

+ Seat cover, medium standard yellow - LP92324

Spanish North American Kit

+ Spanish label and operator's manual kit - BUC10202

Spark Arrester

+ Spark arrester muffler screen (X300s, X500 M-Ts) - AM135845


+ Mounted Sprayer, 25 gal. (95 L) (X300/X500 M-T) - LP22861

+ Tow-Behind Sprayer, 15 gal. (57 L) - LP19478

+ Tow-Behind Sprayer, 25 gal. (95 L) - LP19479


+ Mounted Electric Broadcast Spreader, 125 lb (57 kg) (X300/X500 M-T/X700) - LP35439

+ Mounted electric broadcast spreader barrier shield - LP23117

+ Pull-Type Spin Spreader, 125 lb (57 kg) - LP25353

+ Pull-Type Spin Spreader, 175 lb (80 kg) - LP25354

+ Tow-Behind Aerator-Spreader, 40 in. (102 cm) - LPAS40JD

+ Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader, 130 lb (59 kg) - LP39087

+ Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader, 175 lb (80 kg) - LPBS36JD

Sun Protection

+ Sun shade (X300 and X500 M-T) - BM23054


+ 38-in. (97-cm) Front Thatcher (Center) - LP48004

+ 8-in. (20-cm) Front Thatcher (Extension) - LP48003

+ Thatcher Mounting Frame (X300/X500 M-T) - LP48005

+ Tow-Behind Thatcherator, 40 in. (102 cm) - LPTA40JD

Tire Chains

+ TerraGrip traction belts (pair) for 20x10-8 non-Turf Saver, 20x10-10, and 20x9-8 tires - LP39856

+ Tire chains (pair) for 20x10-8 non-Turf Saver and 20x10-10 tires - TY16200

Tow Behind

+ Lawn Sweeper, 42 in. (107 cm) - LPSTS42JD

+ Lawn Sweeper, 44 in. (112 cm) - LP49038

+ Lawn sweeper dethatcher kit (LPSTS42JD) - LP42108

+ MT42C Multi-Tool 42 in. Combo (Plug Aerator and Thatcher) - LP39089

+ Tow-Behind Lawn Roller, 18 x 36 in. (46 x 91 cm) Poly - LPPRT36JD

+ Tow-Behind Plug Aerator, 40 in. (102 cm) - LPPA40JD

+ Tow-Behind Spiker Aerator, 40 in. (102 cm) - LPSAT40JD

Weather Enclosures

+ X300 Series weather enclosure - LP55438


+ 34-lb (15-kg) Wheel Weight (1), cast iron, 5-in. or 6-in. front wheel - BM17962

+ Quik-Tatch Weight, 42 lb (19 kg) - UC13263

+ Weight bracket, front (X300/X500 M-T) - BM25370

+ Wheel weight mounting hardware for attaching one front wheel weight - BM17978

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