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  • Compact design for easy hauling and excellent maneuverability
  • 52-in. (132-cm) fabricated mower deck is made from 7-gauge, 0.179-in. (4.6-mm) steel for reliability and performance
  • Maximize performance and efficiency with a powerful, electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine
  • Hydrostatic drive system is reliable and easy to use
  • Controls are easy to locate and use for operator comfort and productivity
  • Safety features are built-in to protect the operator and bystanders
  • Maintenance is simple and easy to reduce time and cost
  • Michelin® X® Tweel® Turf rear tire solution for QuikTrak™ R Series Mowers eliminates downtime


Key Specs  
Engine Manufacturer/model ECV740 EFI
Engine Power Gross at 3,600 rpm: 20 hp (18.6 kW)
Fuel tank capacity 5.6 U.S. gal. (21.2 L)
Mower deck Size 52 in. (132 cm)
Blade tip speed 18,900 fpm (5,761 m/min)
Transmission Hydrostatic
Speed range 0-9.5 mph (0-15.3 km/h)
Drive wheels 20x10-8 Turf Master
Caster wheels 13x6.5-6
Warranty 24 months
Manufacturer/Model ECV740 EFI
Power Gross at 3,600 rpm: 20 hp (18.6 kW)
Displacement 45.6 cu in. (747 cc)
Cylinders Two, V-twin
Crankcase capacity  
Oil filter Full flow, replaceable
Lubrication Full pressure
Cooling Forced air
Air cleaner Heavy-duty canister with safety element
Fuel system  
Fuel type Gasoline, electronic fuel injection
Fuel consumption  
Fuel tank capacity 5.6 U.S. gal. (21.2 L)
Fuel tank switch/shut-off valve Yes
Electrical system  
Charge system At 3,600 rpm, 20 amp
Battery voltage 12 V
Cold cranking amp  
Hour meter Digital
Operator presence starting system Yes
Transmission Hydrostatic
Hydraulic pumps Hydro-Gear with fans, 0.73 cu in. (12 cc)
Wheel motors Hydro-Gear, 15 cu in. (246 cc)
Travel speed Speed range
0-9.5 mph 0-15.3 km/h 
0-9.5 mph 0-15.3 km/h 
0-5.5 mph 0-8.9 km/h
Speed and direction control Twin hand-controlled levers
Hydraulic capacity With filter-wet, 2.9 qt (2.7 L) 
Dry, 5 qt (4.7 L)
Hydraulic oil cooler  
Filter Spin-on replaceable
Buyer's note  
Warranty 24 months
Drive wheels 20x10-8 Turf Master
Rear tires  
Load rating 4 PR
Dynamic braking Dual hand-controlled levers
Park brake Tire engagement
Park brake actuation Hand lever
Type Electro-Magnetic with brake, 200 lb-ft (271 Nm)
Drive Dual B-section V-belt with Kevlar® cord
Mower decks  
Size 52 in. (132 cm)
Deck construction Fabricated steel, floating mount system
Deck thickness 7 gauge 0.18 in. (4.6 mm)
Discharge Side
Height-of-cut range Increments
0.25 in. (0.64 cm)
1.5-5 in. (3.8-12.7 cm)
Cutting width 52 in. (132 cm)
Blade tip speed 18,900 fpm (5,761 m/min)
Number Three
Caster wheel type No-flat semi-pneumatic with sealed bearings
Caster wheels 13x6.5-6
Front anti-scalp rollers Center, left
Rear anti-scalp rollers  
Length 66 in. (167.6 cm)
Width Deflector down, 66 in. (167.6 cm)
Height 47 in. (119 cm)
Weight 927 lb (420.5 kg)

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