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John Deere 330G

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  • Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesel engine packs plenty of power and torque.
  • Unique Tri-Cool design resists debris buildup and employs large coolers for standout performance in severe, high-load conditions. Add a reversible fan in high-debris applications for quick core cleanout.


Cab & Controls

  • Larger entryways with swing-out doors make it easier to get in, get comfortable, and get on with it. Inside, there’s more productivity-enhancing foot- and legroom.
  • Three-way switchable controls between EH foot, ISO joystick, or H-pattern joystick modes. Includes switchable accelerator/decelerator with right-side foot pedal when operating in ISO or H-pattern joystick-control mode.



  • Add the new 90-in. bucket, available for the 330G and watch productivity soar.


EH Boom Performance Package

Factory-installed performance package offers increased productivity and ease-of-use with the following capabilities:

  • Return to Dig allows the operator to automatically set the bucket or other attachment to his/her designated ready-to-work position.
  • Return to Carry allows the operator to use joystick detents to automatically reset the boom to a designated ready-to-carry position.
  • Boom Height Kickout allows the operator to pre-select a specific boom height based on truck/hopper height and use joystick detents to automatically stop at a specific height.
  • Electronic Self-Level allows the self-level to work on the boom up and down unlike the hydraulic self-level option that works only on boom up.


Onboard Grade Indication Option

This option, installed in-factory or in the field, provides cross-slope or roll and mainfall slope or pitch of the machine within the in-cab monitor display.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Real-time interface
  • Roll and pitch viewable as either “absolute” or “relative” values
  • Roll and pitch viewable in either degrees or percent


Vertical-Lift Boom

  • The vertical-lift boom offers more lift height and reach at the top of the lift path, for more stability and truck-loading ability.


Hydraulic Boost

  • Increased auxiliary hydraulic flow and power enable the 330G and 332G to make the most of an even broader range of attachments.


Easy Maintenance

  • Swing open the rear door and tilt up the hood for convenient ground-level access to dipsticks, fuel- and fluid-filler necks, and filters.



Lift Geometry Vertical
Fleet Management Yes
Precision Guidance No
Proximity Guidance No


Engine Manufacturer Yanmar
Engine Model 4TNV94FHT
Emission Rating Tier 4
Aspiration Turbo. Intercooled
Displacement, ltr (Inches³) 3.1 (186.3)
Rated Engine Speed, rpm 2500
SAE Net Power, kW (hp) 66 (88.5)
SAE Gross Power, kW (hp) 68 (91.2)
Max. Gross Torque, Nm (lbf / ft) 382 (281.8)
Drive Chain Rating [ANSI] 100 - HD
Tire size - Standard 14 x 17.5 - 12 PR Extra Wall


Length - No Bucket, mm (inches) 3100 (122)
Length - With Bucket Foundry, mm (inches) 3710 (146)
Width - No Bucket, mm (inches) 1980 (78)
Overall Height, mm (inches) 2190 (86.3)
Ground Clearance, mm (inches) 250 (9.7)
Wheelbase, mm (inches) 1270 (49.9)
Rear Departure Angle, ° 29
Height to Hinge Pin, mm (inches) 3350 (132)
Dump Angle, ° 48
Dump Height - Maximum Foundry, mm (inches) 2690 (106.1)
Reach - Max Dump Height Foundry, mm (inches) 710 (28)
Rollback - Ground Level, ° 35


Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 96.5 (25.5)


Rated Operating Capacity - Optional Counterweight Foundry, kg (lbs) 1430 (3150)
Rated Operating Capacity - Foundry, kg (lbs) 1362 (3000)
Tipping Load - Foundry, kg (lbs) 2724 (6000)
Axle Torque - Maximum, Nm (lbf / ft) 8480 (6235)
Speed - Maximum, kph (mph) 19.3 (12)
Breakout - Lift Foundry, kN (lbf) 31.1 (7000)
Breakout - Bucket Foundry, kN (lbf) 45.8 (10300)
Hydraulic Power, kW (hp) 31.402 (42.1)
Hydraulic Power - Option, kW (hp) 54.168 (72.6)
Pump Output, lt/min (gallons (US) / min) 80 (23.5)
Pump Flow - Option, lt/min (gallons (US) / min) 138 (36.5)
System Pressure, bar (PSI) 237.87 (3450)


Operating Weight - Foundry, kg (lbs) 4495 (9900)

Accessories and Attachments

  • Augers & Trenchers
  • Brooms
  • Cutters, Shredders & Mulchers
  • Hammers

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