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John Deere GS84B Scrap Grapple

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  • Two-independent-action hydraulic-powered grapples pick up and grip different-sized objects.
  • 997 mm (39.3 in.) grapple opening loads easily, letting you handle large payloads.
  • Pre-drilled lip makes it easy to add an optional bolt-on replaceable cutting edge for longer life.
  • Greasable pivot points, hardened 25.4-mm (1 in.) pins, and hardened cylinder rods increase durability.


Scrap Grapple Bucket GS84B
Weight 540 kg (1,185 lb.)
Overall 2135 mm (84 in.)
Grapple Arm 620 mm (24.4 in.)
Grapples 1660 mm (65.3 in.)
Bucket Depth 840 mm (33 in.)
Grapple Closed 1035 mm (40.7 in.)
Grapple Opened 1060 mm (41.7 in.)
Grapple Closed 830 mm (32.6 in.)
Grapple Opened 1170 mm (46 in.)
Grapple Opening  
Tine Tip 950 mm (37.4 in.)
Grapple Closed 460 mm (18.1 in.)
Grapple Opened 1035 mm (40.75 in.)
Pivot Pin Diameter 35 mm (1.375 in.)
Cylinder Bore Diameter 64 mm (2.5 in.)
Cylinder Rod Diameter 36 mm (1.4 in.)
Cylinder Stroke 206 mm (8.1 in.)
Maximum Operating Pressure 24 000 kPa (3,500 psi)
Hydraulic Connection 12.7-mm (0.5 in.) quick-
connect couplers
Vehicle Compatibility 320G, 324G, 330G, and 332G SSLs;
325G, 331G, and 333G CTLs; 204L,
244L, 304L, and 324L CWLs

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