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John Deere AB31 Bale Spears

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  • Offering optimal rigidity and capacity, these new John Deere bale spears are built for a long working life and designed for the loading, carrying, and stacking of baled organic materials typically used for livestock feed and bedding in agricultural applications.
  • Round bale spears are replaceable and come in three different configurations of single, dual, or triple to help match numerous bale-handling applications.
  • Low-Profile design provides unrestricted visibility to the bale spear and tine tips.
  • Square bale tine are retained with bolts and round bale tines are retained with cross-bolts, making both styles easy to replace.
  • Quick-Tatch mounting provides quick and easy hookup removal 


Model AB31
Description Single Bale, Heavy Duty
Capacity* at
Load Center
1361 kg (3,000 lb.)
at 0.61 m (24 in.)
Width 1.24 m (48.75 in.)
Height 0.64 m (25.00 in.)
Length 1.42 m (55.75 m)
Spear Length 1.35 m (53.00 in.)
Weight 91 kg (200 lb.)
312GR, 314G, 316GR,
318G, 320E, 324E,
330G, and 332G Skid
Steers; 317G, 323E,
331G, and 333G CTLs;
204K, 244K-II, 304K,
324K, and 344K CWLs

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