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John Deere BH9 Backhoe

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John Deere backhoes are ideal for light-duty ag or utility work.

  • Swing speed control
  • 180-deg. swing range maximize maneuverability in confined areas. Low-profile console enhances visibility.
  • Cushioned cylinders smooth operation and limit shock loads. Two-lever boom/swing and dipperstick/bucket control allows precise attachment control.
  • Dual-lock arms quickly and easily latch to the machine mainframe. Handy boom- and swing-lock levers enable secure transport.
  • Heavy-duty buckets feature an easy cleanout design and a trio of linkage options that help increase curl, reach, and breakout force.
  • Standard tilt-away seat and convenient grab handle ease cab entry and exit. Height and fore-and-aft seat adjustment helps boost operator comfort.
  • Like all John Deere attachments, these backhoes are optimized to work with Deere SSLs and CTLs.
  • They’re also compatible with many competitive models. See your local Deere dealer for details.


Backhoe BH9B
Weight (without mounting bracket/bucket) 465 kg (1,025 lb.)
Transport 2550 mm (100 in.)
Loading 2355 mm (93 in.)
Operating, Fully Raised 3495 mm (138 in.)
Overall Transport 2110 mm (83 in.)
Reach from Swing Pivot 3705 mm (146 in.)
Loading Reach 1500 mm (59 in.)
Digging Depth  
Maximum 2795 mm (110 in.)
Digging (2 ft. Flat Bottom) 2745 mm (108 in.)
Digging (8 ft. Flat Bottom) 2235 mm (88 in.)
Straight Wall N/A
Stabilizer Spread  
Transport 1270 mm (50 in.)
Operating 2285 mm (90 in.)
Bucket Rotation 180 deg.
Swing Arc 180 deg.
Minimum Hydraulic Flow 34 gpm (9 L/min.)
Maximum Hydraulic Flow 45 gpm (12 L/min.)
System Relief Pressure 19 000 kPa (2,750 psi)
Digging Force - Bucket Cylinder 1765 kg (3,895 lb.)
Digging Force - Dipperstick Cylinder 1070 kg (2,358 lb.)
Hydraulic 12.7-mm (0.5 in.)
Electrical quick-connect couplers NONE
Heavy-Duty Pin-On Buckets  
18-in. Bucket with Teeth  
Heaped Capacity 0.06 m3 (2.14 cu. ft.)
Weight 45 kg (95 lb.)
Number of Teeth 4
24-in. Bucket with Teeth  
Heaped Capacity 0.09 m3 (3.10 cu. ft.)
Weight 50 kg (115 lb.)
Number of Teeth 5
36-in. Bucket with Teeth  
Heaped Capacity 0.09 m3 (3.04 cu. ft.)
Weight 65 kg (140 lb.)
Number of Teeth 7
Vehicle Compatibility* 312GR, 314G, 316GR, and
318G SSLs; 317G CTL

*Rear counterweight may improve stability during operation

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