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  • John Deere Power Tech Diesel Engine
  • Choose from 12F/4R, 16F/16R, and 32F/16R transmission options
  • Choose climate-controlled cab, fixed open station


Model 5100M
*Rated Engine HP (ISO) 97/68/EC 99.1 (73.9 kW
PTO HP @ 2100 RPM 85.0 (63.4 kW)
Configurations Available Key:   Standard = S | Option = O  
2wd O
Standard Isolated Open Station S
Premium Isolated Open Station O
Standard Cab O
Premium Cab O
Narrow Cab O
Make John Deere PowerTech 4045 PWL
Aspiration Turbocharged / Air-to-Air Aftercooled
Cylinders 4
Displacement, cu. in/L 276/4.5
Cylinder Liners Wet sleeved
Base Equipment 16F/16R PowrReverser
Optional transmissions 12F/4R SyncShuttle Plus
32F/16R PowrReverser Hi-Lo
32F/16R PowrReverser Hi-Lo with Creeper
Fuel tank capacity, standard  
OOS- Gallons/Liters std: 29.6/112 - opt: 37.3/141
Cab - Gallons/Liters std: 36.7/139 - opt: 45/170
Standard std: 36.7/139 - opt: 45/170
Optional 540/540E/1000
PTO Actuation Electro-hydraulic
Type Open center
Steering gpm/lpm 6.3/24
Implement gpm/lpm 18.4/70
Total gpm/lpm, Rated Output 24.7/94
Traction Clutch Wet
Final Drive  
Type Inboard Planetary
Differential Controls Electro-hydraulic
Engage on the go rear differential lock Yes
3 PT Hitch  
Hitch Lift Capacity - lb./kg.
OECD/24 inches behind lift
std: 5,159/2,340
opt: 5,954/2,701
Hitch Category 2, convertible to 1
Draft Sensing Type Lower-link draft sensing
Standard Tires  
Front, 2WD (MFWD) 12.4R24 (320/85R24) R1W Radial
Rear, 2WD (MFWD) 18.4R30 (460/85R30) R1W Radial
Wheelbase, 2WD & MFWD, in./mm. 9 92.5/2,350
Length, including draft links, in./mm. 149.5/3,798
Height, ground to top of cab, in./mm. 1 102.9/2,614
*Height, ground to top of ROPS, in./mm 102.1/2,594
Weight Approx. Ship Weight (less weights)  
2WD | Standard | Open Station, lb./kg. 8,140/3,700
2WD | CAB, lbs/kg 8,580/3,900
MFWD | Standard | Open Station, lb./kg. 8,765/3,975
MFWD | CAB, lb./kg. 9,185/4,175

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