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  • Compression springs
  • Cutting teeth for superior soil preparation
  • iMatch™ compatible
  • Steel roller studded with spikes



Working width 213.4 cm
84 in.
Height 99.1 cm
39 in.
H-Beam 30.5x29.2 cm
12x11.5 in.


Operating 396.9 kg
875 lb
Shipping 426.4 kg
940 lb

Tractor compatibility

Tractor hp 22.4-52.2 kW
30-70 hp


Category Cat. 1

Scarifying teeth

Type Bar
Front quantity 15
Front dimensions 1.3x5.1 cm
0.5x2 in.
Rear quantity 14
Rear dimensions 1.3x5.1 cm
0.5x2 in.


Roller diameter 16.8 cm
6.6 in.
Roller pin quantity 124
Roller pin size 1x2.5 cm
0.38x1 in.
Bearing size 2.5 cm
1 in.

Compression springs

Quantity Two
Down pressure per spring 72.6 kg
160 lb


Type Heavy

Second roller assembly (optional)

Spring quantity Two
Spring down pressure per spring 36.3 kg
80 lb

Set-up time

Labor hours 0.5 hours


Time period One year

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