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9R/9RT/9RX Series Scraper-Special

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It’s Innovation. Not Imitation.

The New 9RX Series Tractor is no copycat. We kept innovation at the forefront, using your feedback to make it right. The result is a game-changing 4-Track tractor that’s anything but ordinary.

9RX Series Tractors:

Under the hood you’ve got a horsepower range of 470 to 620. Pair that with increased hydraulic flow and the 9RX is ready to cover large acres and pull big implements in less time. Sloped, wet, and loose field conditions? The 9RX’s unique track design adds to its superior and agile performance in the field and on the road. The larger articulated footprint allows for more flotation and better grip resulting in less berming and reduced soil disturbance, improving yield potential.

9R/9RT Series Scraper Special Tractors

Four-wheel-drive Scraper Special models: 470-620 engine hp. Track Scraper Special models: 470-570 engine hp. Compared to other earth moving systems, the John Deere Scraper System moves more dirt for less money per cubic yard. Add to that the versatility and comfort that comes with 9R/9RT Scraper Special Tractors and this system makes even more sense.

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