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  • Offset wheels for smooth, level raking

  • Narrow transport width
  • Easy windrow width adjustment
  • Hydraulic aftermarket kits for wheel rakes
  • Center kicker wheel conversion kit for WR12 Wheel Rakes
  • Wind panel conversion kits for WR11, WR12, WR33, and WR34 Wheel Rakes
  • Wheel conversion kits for WR12, WR23, WR23, and WR33 Wheel Rakes
  • Rake beam support wheel kit for WR1214 and WR1216 Wheel Rakes


Model WR1214
Raking Width 28 ft. (8.5 m) maximum
Windrow Width 38 - 58 in. (96.5 - 147.3 cm)
# of Wheels 14 Wheels

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