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S-Series Combines: In the business of helping yours.

The right shoe to climb the yield ladder

This season you’re sure to appreciate the 2016 S-Series Combines. They feature the Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning system. In limited shoe conditions, your total combine capacity is heightened by 10% in corn and 13% in wheat and canola, providing 1.5 more acres harvested per hour. Equally as important, you get a 28% reduction in tailings volume. Add to that our Active Terrain Adjustment™ option … it adjusts the settings of the Dyna-Flo Plus shoe when working slopes. So if you have rolling terrain, this is a must. Active Terrain Adjustment ensures your combine maintains ground speed and minimizes grain loss whether you’re going uphill or downhill.

Good things come in small grains packages

Your combine isn’t complete without our tough small grains and rice packages featuring Active Concave Isolation for the new S680 and S690 Combines. ACI offers increased productivity in spring wheat, canola, rice, and more. But it’s just one part of the equation. To get the full benefit, you need the total package, adding in feederhouse improvements, 8-wing feed accelerator, and heavy-duty separator grates with two rows of interrupter bars. Together, these packages raise throughput by 20%. When a storm is threatening to keep you on the sideline it lets you go full throttle and still put tough crop into the machine. Also, with the tough small grains package you get an additional 10% combine capacity, while maintaining your loss level.

Total optimization

S-Series Combines raise productivity above and beyond thanks to total machine optimization. Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) is designed to stretch optimization of your machine and jump-start your proficiency – so no operator begins at beginner. Instead, novices and experts alike can heighten daily and seasonal production, and maximize overall efficiency. Dual adjust chaffer compliments the package offering an additional optimization adjustment for providing greater grain tank cleanliness.

The perfect balance – found

The S-Series Combines are equipped with new advances that create the perfect balance between front-end equipment and machine power, so together they can deliver stable, consistent performance with every pass. The result: less time in the field, higher grain and straw quality, and reliability you depend on.

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