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1 Front and rear safety chain shields are standard. They deflect flying debris, yet let uncut material move easily into the cutter.
2 Since the lower deck absorbs dings from rocks and field obstructions, the upper deck stays smooth — free of dents and dings that attract rust. The curved top of the cutter sheds water and crop material.
3 The gearbox is mounted to a heavy-duty bowl support, which is continuously welded to the top and bottom decks. This design spreads the stresses and provides for a more reliable and durable gearbox.
4 The John Deere gearboxes are backed by a five-year limited warranty±. (See dealer for details.) Blades and drive components are protected by a tough, self-adjusting slip clutch.
5 This is the MaxFlow cutting chamber. It can slice and dice brush, plus lift dense grasses for a clean, even cut. The underside of the bottom deck is smooth, improving cutting performance and material flow.
6 Pan-type blade holder, or “stump jumper,” protects the gearbox output shaft from stumps, rocks, and other obstructions.



Cutting width 2,134 mm
84 in.
Cutting height 50 to 229 mm
2 to 9 in.
Cutting capacity 101.6 mm
4 in.
Cutting chamber Depth 300 mm
11.8 in.

Tractor compatibility

Tractor PTO HP range Minimum 34 kW
45 hp
Tractor PTO 540 rpm


Type Lift-type
Category 2, 3N


Transport width 2,261 mm
89 in.
Deck shape Domed
Deck type Double decker
Deck thickness Upper
3 (11) mm
0.118 (11) in.
3.5 (10) mm
0.138 (10) in.
Side skirt thickness 6 (3) mm
0.25 (3) in.
Approx. weight 625 kg
1,378 lb


Size Main
ASAE Category 4
Protection Main
Non-seize, slip-clutch driveline


Number 1
HP rating
Continuous 112 kW
150 hp
Peak 152 kW
205 hp


Thickness 13 mm
0.5 in.
Width 102 mm
4 in.
Type Single suction
Blade tip speed 540 RPM
4,751 m/min
15,586 fpm
285 km/h
177 mph
Material flow system Integrated
Holder Type
Round stump jumper (single suction) for protection of blades and carrier against obstruction damage


Type Laminated


Front Chain
Rear Chain

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