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Hagie Precision Solutions

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Ag Leader Technology

GPS & Rate Controller Solutions

  • Integra: The intuitive, 12.1 inch HD touchscreen offers year-round precision farming control
  • Versa: 8.4” HD touchscreen serves as the economical hub of your precision farming operation
  • OptRx: Provides accurate, variable rate nitrogen prescriptions on the fly
  • Paradyme: The steering choice for operations requiring high accuracy
  • GeoSteer: Ideal for functionality and precise automated steering


GPS & Rate Controller Solutions

  • Viper 4: Sleek new design with 12.1” LED backlit display and a responsive touchscreen with intuitive, tablet-like interface
  • Envizio Pro/XL: Envizio Pro XL features a brilliant color, non-glare 10.4” touch screen display
  • Envizio Pro II feature a brilliant color, non-glare 6.5” touch screen display
  • SCS 5000: Flow Control specially designed to match your application needs reliably and economically
  • SideKick Pro Injection: Powerful positive displacement pump which injects on the pressure side of boom, eliminating the need for tank mixing
  • RGL 600: External Configurable LED light array with adjustable brightness for day or night
  • SmarTrax Auto-steer: Faster operating speeds, reduced fuel consumption and reduced operator fatigue


Boom Height Leveling

NORAC’s Spray Height Control Systems use ultrasonic sensors mounted on the left, right and center sections to automatically maintain a preset height of the entire boom above the ground or the crop.

Three Modes of Control

  • Crop Mode™ controls distance to the crop canopy
  • Soil Mode™ controls distance to the ground
  • Hybrid Mode™ measures top of crop and soil simultaneously; beneficial for thin, lodged, or uneven crop

Available on 120’ & 90/100’ booms


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AKRS Equipment Solutions