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John Deere 360 EQUI-FLOW

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Uneven application from traditional anhydrous ammonia systems can rob your crop of yield from the start. 360 EQUI-FLOW with Liquimatic Technology takes a new approach to NH3 delivery for better row-to-row accuracy, improved sealing and a wider application window.


  • Precise row-to-row accuracy
  • Wider window of application
  • Keeps NH3 liquid all the way to the injectors
  • Improved sealing at the injection point


Anhydrous ammonia is an economical and practical way to set a nitrogen foundation in the fall. But, conventional NH3 application systems limit your flexibility and your return on investment. 360 EQUI-FLOW ensures row-to-row accuracy so you can build an even, strong foundation for full-season nitrogen management.

  • Anhydrous ammonia is filtered at every step (down to the orifice), making plugging and contact danger virtually disappear
  • Only liquid NH3 passes through the flow meter, giving you more accurate measurements of how much you’re applying
  • Anhydrous ammonia never touches the knife or opener for improved sealing and reduced losses (warm knife option)


Traditional anhydrous ammonia systems rely on tank pressure for distribution and injection. 360 EQUI–FLOW takes a different approach:

Step 1: Ammonia from the tank is delivered to the initial filter.

Step 2: In the Liquimatic tower, the ammonia is separated into gas and liquid. The vapor is condensed back down into liquid and it all moves to the pump.

Step 3: The hydraulically driven centrifugal pump pushes 100% liquid ammonia through the flow meter and control valve to the manifold.

Step 4: The equal distribution manifold equalizes flow to each outlet.

Step 5: Every row gets the same amount of ammonia in liquid state.


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